2017 Patrick Orton LYD Scholarship Recipient

The Patrick Orton Live Your Dreams Scholarship fund was started in 2013 to honor the life of photographer and adventurer, Patrick Orton.  After the loss of their son, Patrick, his family created this scholarship to give some financial assistance to local students in Bonner County, Idaho so that they might follow their dreams as Patrick had. Patrick was a professional photographer who led an exhilarating life – living to the fullest whilst pursing his dreams. He continues to be a cherished inspiration to his family, friends and the world community.

Lauren Sfeir was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. Her studies were taught in Arabic, French and English, thus she is proficient in all three. Her family moved to Sandpoint where she attended SHS.

Lauren became involved in community service. One of her projects was a penny drive for Kinderhaven, a non-profit for abused children. She joined the Cedar Post, SHS student newspaper. Her first experience of photography was as a photographer for the paper, and it soon became one of her many passions. She had a side business taking graduation photos.

Biology was another of Lauren's interests and her dream for college was to combine the two. She won admittance to Wentworth College, in Spokane, WA.

We were thrilled to hear from her this Spring 2018 after her first year of college. The following is part of the note she sent us:

Throughout the year, I was able to participate in many different activities that helped me stay active within the community. For instance, I was the secretary of the Spokane Guilds' School Pirate Advisory Board, which is a club that raises money and hosts events for the Guilds' school. Holding this position allowed me to do good for others.

I also was a staff photographer for Whitworth's yearbook and am glad to announce that I was hired as Photo Editor for next year. Another photo job that I worked this past year was for the athletic department. I got paid to take pictures of spring sports and Whitworth University used them for their sports website.

As well, I loved the residence hall that I was staying in so much that I ran for a student government position. I was officially elected as that dorm's senator and will be representing its residents next year when I sit on the council.

In addition, my history professor loved a research paper that I wrote and decided to have it published in the library.

Lastly, I have truly enjoyed making new friends and interacting with my professors. Whitworth is exactly what I was looking for within an undergraduate education. Not only has it taught me to educate the mind, but also the heart. I wouldn't have been able to have this amazing year without your contribution and your big hearts.

I just thought it would be nice to update you!
Always thinking of you and Patrick,

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