2014 Live Your Dreams Beanie Photo Gallery

Patrick helped Storm Creek Apparel build their outdoor image through his amazing photography and videography. He became a friend and a part of their team. They have a Giving Back program that supports organizations who impact the lives of others in a meaningful manner. In honor of Patrick, Storm Creek Apparel manufactured a Live Your Dreams beanie which was available to purchase during the year after Patrick's death. Thanks to their generosity the Live Your Dreams Foundation received a portion of the sales price. Friends and supporters of the Live Your Dreams Scholarship from all around the world, purchased beanies and sent us photos.



Patrick mentored a Sandpoint High School student, Savannah Pitts. She designed the logo that is featured on the beanie. She is standing next to the Patrick Orton Photowall that Storm Creek hosted at OR, Salt Lake City, January 2014.


Please get a beanie and support the Patrick Orton - Live Your Dreams Scholarship from Storm Creek Apparel http://www.stormcreekapparel.com/giving-back.html

Post a picture of You in the Beanie on Patrick's FB page

February 2014 – Beanies in India

Sara Lynn

Thank you so much. Patrick still spreads his spirit through these. He was such an inspiration and still is. His heart was so big, he touched the world and I couldn't imagine the love he has from his family. Thank you for doing this project and helping others succeed through him. You too are angels among us, thank you. Bless, Sara Lynn

Otsuka Family

Aimee Koson

Paulina Gralow and Friend

Kathy and Dan McDonald

Kaylee, Avery, Maddox, and Atreyu Willmann

Matt Stott

Paula Witte

Indian Friends in Beanie

Dr. Marshall Dickholtz

Wess, Chris Johnson’s Dad

Wyatt Hannan and Izzy Guthrie

Doug, Owner of Storm Creek visiting China

Tiffany Windju

Summer L

Robyn Yeary

Chris Johnson

Brooke DeMers

Amanda Yates

Cynthia Mason

Craig Kasberg

Clayton Wangbichler

Tiffany, Chelsea and Friends

Davey Mullen

Damian Kanyi

Jason Fienhold

Isabella Weir

Isabel and Quinn Roberts

Meggie Jean Cafferty

Nate, Jonathan and David

Julian Steves

Chris Behrens and Meggy Cafferty

Tiffany and Friends

Jessie Mason and Damian

Maya Goldblum

Kathryn Kleist & Steffan Spraggins

Chelsea Nova

Sarah Barton

Nathan Maus

Athena Renaud

Colleen Russell

Johnny Cook

Chelsea Nova

Savannah Pitts

Jace Robins

Steffen Spraggins

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